About Pooshis

aka Shipoo or Shihtzupoo

Hypoallergenic and Non-Shedding

The Pooshi (aka: Shipoo or ShihTzu) is a hybrid mix of a Shih-tzu and Miniature Poodle.


Size: Height: 8 to 14 inches


Weight: 8-15 pounds


Coat: The Pooshi’s coat is wavy, normally curlier than the Shih-tzu but not as curly as the Poodle. The coat is little-to-no shedding.


Character: The Pooshi is very loving and playful and they get along very well with people, whole family groups and with other pets.


Temperament: Pooshi’s fun, active and athletic. They seem to take the best from both breeds. They are not considered 'yappers'.


Care: Pooshi’s will require grooming abound once a quarter or so


Training: Due to their intelligence, this breed is fairly easy to train.


Activity: Pooshi’s do not require a lot of exercise. They get sufficient exercise just by playing with their owners. They enjoy walks and/or backyard play.