Buying a puppy is a really big decision. Their cute faces are hard to beat, but people often ask what their puppy might look like as they grow. So, take a look at these beautiful photos and testimonials from our happy families. As always, I love to talk about the puppies and can answer any questions you have about the breed, their personality, anything!

Spotlight: Pups in the Workplace

We often hear from our clients about what a joy it is to take our pups to work. We are highlighting Pam Davis, of Davis Dental Care in Fort Collins, CO. She said:

SteveLou as brought so much light to our older dog and, of course, my 5 year old daughter. Steve Lou meets my dental clients at the door and it's such a welcome for everyone. She comes to work with me everyday and either sits in my office or she sits on my clients laps while they are having their dental procedure. Steve Lou is a rock star to follow with our dental office "rock star theme."

If your pup loves going to work with you or provides comfort or service, we'd love to hear from you, too. Email puppiesupnorth.staples@gmail.com!

  • Maci| Mom: Haddie | Dad: 

    Spoodle    (from North Carolina)

    I just want to say thank you so much for entrusting us with such an amazing little girl.  She is everything I had hoped for and so much more fun than I imagined (in general I am not a “small dog” person ).  What a great first trip we had, bonding on the 22 hour drive home.  Maci has grown into such a loving and bubbly girl.  I love that she isn’t yippy either, in fact she rarely barks unless she has good reason.  She has settled right in with the family and loves her big brothers (lab and great dane) who are very careful with her and let her get away with a lot.  I was pleasantly surprised how well she does out on the farm and with the other animals.  She loves them all.  In short, she is a perfect well rounded little girl!  You did an awesome job with her breeding and giving her a great head start until we brought her home!  Thanks again for letting us have her!!

  • Willow| Mom: LillyS | Dad: Cheese


    PuppiesUpNorth has the BEST dogs!!  We appreciate everything you do to raise such AWESOME puppies!  We couldn't have asked for a sweeter more gentle dog.  We adopted our Willow at the beginnning of September and she fits right into our hearts and our family.  She has been such a help to us during a difficult time and we can NOT imagine life without her!  So thankful for our sweet little teddy bear girl!  Thank you a million times Pamela and Mike - it is truly evident the amount of time and love you pour into your dogs and we are so grateful!

  • Maggie| Mom: Kayla | Dad: Harry

    F2 Mini Labradoodle

    Hi Pamela, i wanted to send through an update on my Magnolia ("Maggie")!  She's doing great and is/has been a wonderful companion during these weird Covid times!  I'm quite certain that she will be a great side-kick for many years to come.  I've been working at home since March and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  My neighbors, friends and family (especially my niece and nephew) think Maggie is wonderful - and she's a favorite over at the vet clinic (where she goes for puppy play/socialization) at least once a week.  

    I'm so glad that I was able to get Maggie this spring, she's been a joy!  She enjoys a good sun spot - thanks so much for shepherding her to me :)

  • Lola| Mom: Roxy | Dad: Chili

    Mini Goldendoodle

    It was back-to-school today! Lola has been so happy to have her humans at home all the time. It was tough for her to see them go - she spent most of the morning moping around the house, carrying around a stuffed animal looking for them. We can't wait to see how happy she is when they get home!

  • Tommy| Mom: CallieT | Dad: Bear

    F2 Mini Labradoodle

    We must say, Tommy has been a delight! Everyone who meets him adores him, as do we. I’m not sure what kind of magic you perform on your puppies, but he is everything we could have wanted in a puppy-companion. Loving, super-friendly, pretty fearless and SMART AS A WHIP!

    Tommy has enjoyed getting to know our neck of the woods, as well as exploring greater Minnesota. In fact, in August, we spent a wonderful week in Grand Marias enjoying new “sniffs.” We did a bunch of hiking in the woods and even braved the big lake and got our paws and tummy wet!

    All in all, adding Tommy to our home has been one of the best things we have ever done. Thank you, again, for starting him off on such a sound footing! Or should I say “pawing?” :)Best,  JoAnn & Nick and Tommy too!!

  • Chewie| Mom: Miley | Dad: Chite

    F1B Mini Labradoodle

    We are so happy to have Chewie as a member of our family! He is a sweet, good-tempered pup who loves to snuggle with all of us. Chewie is smart and learned basic commands, as well as some more advanced ones, quickly. He loves to play and is very social. He’s a big dog in a little body; despite his mini stature, he loves to play and romp with other dogs of any size. Chewie is especially athletic and loves to run and chase at the dog park. He fits right into our very active family! As first time dog owners, we were grateful for Pamela’s advice and very thorough guidance before and after we brought Chewie home. All of the PuppiesUpNorth materials (the new owner packet and the sweet basket of goodies that accompanied him) were especially helpful in getting us ready to welcome Chewie home. Thanks, Pamela and Mike!

  • Jax | Mom: Izzy | Dad: Chite


    My favorite toys are anything that squeaks.I love to go on walks and play fetch.  I love my people and they love me!!

  • Benji (lil one)| Mom: Izzy/ Dad: Chite


    Rusty (big one) Mom: Kayla / Dad: Chite

    F1B Mini Labradoodle

    Ole had a busy day meeting his new relatives after I picked him up this morning! He is now sleeping on my chest on the couch! Thanks so much Mike and Pam for your help. I really like this little guy! He likes his new toys too!!

  • Ole| Mom: Sydney/ Dad: Rusty

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Ole had a busy day meeting his new relatives after I picked him up this morning! He is now sleeping on my chest on the couch! Thanks so much Mike and Pam for your help. I really like this little guy! He likes his new toys too!!

  • Duke| Mom: Roxy/ Dad: Chili

    Mini Goldendoodle

    We love Duke!  He is so cute!!  Everyone at the vets thought he was so cute!  He had his wellness check today and is scheduled for his booster next week.  We go for walks everyday and he is slowly getting used to his harness!  Thank you for our little puppy!

  • Otto| Mom: Kayla/ Dad: Chite

    Mini Labradoodle

    We couldn’t be happier with our boy!!

  • Ollie| Mom: Gracie / Dad: Chili


    Thank you for doing what you do. Ollie is truly my best friend. I cannot imagine life without him. My nephew is one and was just terribly sick in the hospital and all he wanted was Ollie. You change so many lives by bringing and raising such great dogs.




  • Murphy | Mom: Rosie / Dad: Rusty

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Murphy has been the best puppy, everyone who has met him and gotten to know him just adores him. I attached a note from his groomer for an example! He’s very smart, and completed his puppy training class very easily, he was described as the teachers pet! His trainer actually said it was nice to see a Goldendoodle that was bred with temperament in mind.

  • Charlie | Mom: Maddie / Dad: Blizz


    Charlie is doing outstanding, he brings such joy to Logan and I, our families, and every person/dog/animal he meets. He loves learning new tricks, playing on the beach, and going on car rides to his favorite places. We just can’t believe how happy and easy going he is, thank you again for all that you did to make him such a confident happy pup.

  • Paisley | Mom: BrandyT / Dad: Chili

    Mini Goldendoodle

    We love our Paisley! Such a beautiful, well tempered dog and great with our kids.




  • Cooper | Mom: Mia / Dad: Rusty

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Cooper is doing fantastic!!  We are so in love with him!  We've had so many compliments on him.  Eveyone comments about his disposition being so good and he's so adorable.  He's such a good puppy and learns everything so quickly.  He's potty trained, the bell on the door was a great tool for him and us!!  Our vet thought he was great too!!

  • Lucy | Mom: Maddie / Dad: Cotton

    (white dog) Mini Goldendoodle

    Lucy has been such an amazing addition to our family! Lucy and Mabel (our little white dog) are completely inseparable! Lucy has made Mabel YEARS younger! Lucy is the first to greet EVERYONE. She is such a little lover. She is extremely smart Lucy has learned her commands,We are so happy we went through you guys! Everything you had in the handbook was spot on (right down to what her weight would be!) Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt our fur baby!

  • Rex | Mom: Macie / Dad: Chili

    (needs haircut)  Cavadoodle

    We adopted our Cavapoo Rex a year ago from Pam. Pam made the process easy and smooth for us. She kept us updated as Rex was born, on his training process and our favorite part - sent photos. When we got Rex at 8 weeks old, we were amazed at how smart he was already. He was easy to train, picked up on cues quickly and quickly became the love our our lives. Rex has a great personality, he is so sweet and loving, he aims to please, loves to cuddle, go on walks and give kisses. His energy level is perfect and he adapted to his BIG brother Ryder (Berner) very well. They are inseparable. Thank you so much for bringing this bundle of joy into the world for us. You truly are an amazing breeder and the  Socialization Test and training efforts on your end really showed off. Thank you again for Rex.

  • Georgia Rose | Mom: Mylie / Dad: Brownie 

    Mini Labradoodle

    Little Georgia Rose is absolutely amazing! She's eating and drinking and playing and finally feeling really comfortable today with her new home. She was actually pretty good yesterday but today was an awesome day! She is a little angel and I am so grateful to have her! Our first night she slept like a baby with me. We had to go out for potty after a few hours of sleep and then she went right back to sleep. ~Amy


  • Cocoa | Mom:  Mylie / Dad: Chite 

    Mini Labradoodle

    Cocoa's now all of 10 months, and he's been an adventure for us all!  We'd never had a dog, so he's shown us a lot about how parenting is mainly loving a bundle of softness, feeding, grooming and brushing that curly coat as he stretches out in luxuriant repose, and then playing fetch as often as possible -- anywhere! We're charmed by his quick ways, and Cocoa readily sits to shake hands and lie down, and rolls all the way over, and has signals for going outside. He perches at the front window, ready to announce interesting sightings; he also loves to scan the yard on squirrel-or-rabbit duty, keeping watch out our back porch. Once out the door, he can run like a whip-saw and scares up the birds from a bush on occasion!  Cocoa loves, loves meeting other dogs, eager to play.   Stephen & Dixie

  • Cherrio | Mom: BrandyT  / Dad: Chili 

    (smaller one)  Mini Goldendoodle

    We love Cherrio!  He and our standard golden doodle Tucker are best buddies. (Cherrio is the smaller one...the other larger dog is a Standard Goldendoodle)~ Peggy

  • Koda | Mom: SaideD  / Dad:  Cotton 

    Mini Labradoodle

    Koda I think is half human- he gets it.  Anything I say he understands. He was potty training in a week and is super smart.  He is very loyal and obedient and loves to play tug and go on walks.  His favorite foods are eggs, steak, and peanut butter! 

    They are the loves of our lives and they are the best dogs.

  • Lacy | Mom: Saide / Dad:  Cotton

    Mini Labradoodle

    Lacy is our sweet and sassy girl but also the biggest lover.  She follows me around everywhere and has to sleep right next to me or my husband.    She is a VERY fast runner and loves to try and chase squirrels and birds.    She is always hungry and her favorite foods is almost anything…  eggs and peanut butter up there on top! 

    We love them so much and I can’t imagine life without them.   They are beyond awesome.

  • Bubba Moose | Mom: Macie/ Dad:Chili 


    We love him so much and after following your instructions the best we could we have exactly the experience you described. Bubba is easy going, well trained, calm, happy, healthy pup!

  • Zoe | Mom:  WillowT / Dad: Chese

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Zoe has been a great addition to our family. She weighs 42 pounds and is a very active puppy. She loves playing ball and running at the dog park. She does a great job ringing her bell when she needs to go outside. Zoe gets to ride in the car with us whenever possible. Hanging out the back window of our truck is so fun. She attended obedience school and everyone commented that she needed to be in movies. She has a funny sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time. She loves to put her paws on the kitchen island and watch me cook. (That took some getting used to but she gets away with things because we love her so much) We can always find her stretched out sleeping on her back.

  • Charlie | Mom: BrandyT / Dad: Chili

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Charlie has been the best puppy, he’s pretty chill and such a lover.  Our three boys love playing and snuggling with him.  He loves to go out for walks or to the dog park but playing in the snow is his absolute favorite.  He has been super healthy and we have had many people say he is the best looking golden doodle they have see, including our vet and groomer.  We love Charlie and he’s only one but has fit in perfectly in our family since day one.

  • Bentley | Mom: Dotty  / Dad: Charms 

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Bentley is happy and healthy.   He loves running in the snow, he loves the rain, and he loves swimming in the lake.  He is a very good traveler.  We go to Fl. for 6 weeks and everyone has dogs.  90 percent of them are very well behaved some are not.  He dances for people when they greet him and always ask what kind of dog he is.  Bob was walking him one day and a car stopped and "said" he looks like a teddy bear.

    He and his sister Luna get together every once in a while at Doggie Depot. We are still so in love with him. Thank you sooo much for breading such wonderful dogs.

  • Sir Theo | Mom: Bailey  / Dad: Rainer 

    Mini Goldendoodle

    Look how well Sir Theo is doing! He loves playing in the snow and has made many friends. We are so happy with all the pre-training you provided. 


    He had his first girls night out party at my house and was loved by all. He comes out every day for a ride and a walk and is happy to say hello to just about everything.

A Story From Someone Who Didn't Adopt from Puppies Up North Who Wished They Had...

Why I wish I would have chosen Puppies Up North…read of my regret!

Hi Pamela,  We have a wonderful GoldenDoodle, Misa (rhymes with Lisa) She rarely barks, loves to cuddle, and is full of tail wagging happiness. What might be surprising is that we have some regrets about the way we adopted her. We did not buy her from Puppies Up North. This is our story.

When our Brittany passed away, our home felt so empty. We started our search for a new fur baby shortly after. We heard about Puppies Up North from a friend who has an amazing LabraDoodle they adopted from Pamela and Mike. At the time we felt the price was high and the wait was long, so we put our name on the list, but continued our search. We found Misa at a breeder in southern MN for about $500 less. We fell in love with Misa but something didn’t feel right. Some red flags we failed to see…the farm house was dirty, there were many dogs in kennels, the puppies were normally kept in a heated garage but they were in the house for our visit. (The breeder never showed us the garage.)

 When we got home our fears were confirmed.

  • Our first hurdle, Misa had no understanding of the human voice. She didn’t know the difference between a cheerful voice and a soft “no.”  She had no understanding that we were even talking to her. She didn’t even respond when we called her “puppy”.

  • We don’t think Misa ever went outside. Grass was so foreign to her. Potty training has been very difficult.  At 7 months old, she finally knows to go out side, but she will not bark or ring the bells to let us know when she has to go.

  • Misa had no taste or understanding for dog treats. We tried so many different kinds. She seemed very wary about this extra food not in her food dish. This has made bell training to go outside and any other training extremely difficult.

  • Misa wouldn’t eat the food we were sent home with. We later realized the breeder has scooped adult dog food into a Ziploc. With no label on the food, we didn’t realize it until we bought Misa puppy food.

  • When we gave Misa a haircut it was obvious she was malnourished. She didn’t have the pudgy puppy weight most do.  She was surprisingly skinny. When trimming her nails, we found her due claws were still intact. This isn’t a problem for us, just something we felt we should have been told by the breeder.

  • It was obvious she had never been introduced to a kennel. This quiet mellow puppy barked and cried ALL NIGHT LONG for 3 weeks as we tried to kennel train her. We eventually gave up.

  • We asked the breeder how the puppies do in the car. She said they had never been in a car, the vet comes to her for check ups. To this day, Misa trembles and cries in the car.


The breeder never asked what our home was like, did we have a fenced in yard, did we have the supplies needed to take a puppy home, did we have time for a new puppy.  She encouraged us to call our vet if we had any problems. Never offered to have us call her.

We have a ton of work ahead of us. The saddest thing is that socialization is SO important early on. We didn’t get Misa until she was 4 months old. I fear that during the critical socialization window, she was stuck out in a garage. This has caused her to be fearful of so many things. I am hoping some day Misa will be a Therapy Dog. She has a long road of training ahead of her, but we’ll get there.

That $500 we saved, it wasn’t worth a single penny. By buying from that breeder, we continued her business that shouldn’t exist. Our training costs are going to far outweigh the money we “saved”. And that doesn’t include the numerous hours of time we have spent trying to associate Misa to the world around her.

Why you should buy from Puppies Up North….

Luckily we were still on Pamela’s wait list, She called about upcoming litters. I told her about our new pup and how we were having a difficult time. Pamela would have had every right to have said best wishes and goodbye. But she loves dogs. I get tears in my eyes when I think of all the time she spent with me on the phone that day, talking me through how to help get Misa established. She didn’t give up on our puppy. She gave us access to the new owner information she gives to others that adopt from her. Most importantly she gave me encouragement.

Please, if you think you are saving money by getting a puppy somewhere else, I want to STRONLGY advise you evaluate how that puppy was raised. Pamela and Mike love the puppies they raise. They work hard to socialize them as much as possible before they go to their new homes. As you can see from other testimonials, the outcome of this will be faster house breaking, quicker obedience, less anxiety.

Puppies Up North puppies come to you with food, in a bag, so you know what to feed them. And you have the option to buy more food right from their website.

Pamela and Mike have worked with them on some commands like, “puppy come”. “treat”, “sit”, and “go potty”. I don’t know if they know them 100% when they go their new homes, but it’s obvious they are getting socialization! She takes the puppies for car rides, takes them on walks,  and introduces them to things like kennels! They let you know how to prepare your home for a puppy, and what to expect as they grow.

 When people ask where we got Misa, I tell them I wouldn’t recommend the place we got her from, but I absolutely direct them to Puppies Up North. ~ thanks, Amy

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