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How to Adopt a Puppy

The hardest part is choosing only one! Here is how we get your beautiful pup to you.

  1. See our New Arrivals on the home page and pick the puppy of your dreams.

  2. Fill out the Adoption form and text me at 320-250-2464 with the picture and name of the puppy.

  3. I receive and process the application.

  4. I'll call you and we discuss the puppy of your choice.

  5. I require a $700 + tax deposit (unless you provide an out of state address) to reserve your puppy. I accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or debit cards.

  6. I will take that puppy offline and send you a picture of the chosen puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included with my puppy when I get them?

  • All shots along with all boosters

  • All deworming

  • Dew claws removed

  • 100 point socialization test

  • 80 point vet check

  • Potty trained

  • A big puppy basket full of puppy treats, food, toys, shampoos, pine chips, can food, puppy blankie that has been rubbed on mama

  • Downloadable 14 page packet (password given at time of deposit) that is full on pertinent information for seasoned owners and new puppy owners

  • Super Healthy Happy Confident Puppies

Oh dear…which should I get? F1B Labradoodle or Goldendoodle?

I always get the question, which should I get since you raise both? Which is nicer? Which is more crazy wild? 

It would be hard to decide as a potential buyer when seeking advice on the website because the Labradoodle breeders say one thing and the Goldendoodle breeders say the opposite and vise versa take it from me who raises and loves both breeds!

  • Here at Puppies Up North we raise F1B  Mini Labradoodle & Goldendoodles that will range  approximately 18-22 lbs at adult size.  (Note: we also raise F1 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles but I’m specifically talking about the F1B’s in this comparison)

  • Both breeds will have a soft beautiful coat, non-shedding hyper allergenic coats 

  • Both breeds are fast learners, and will be friendly, confident tail wagging, and are happy-go-lucky smart dogs.

  • Labradoodles tend to be calmer, are great for therapy type dogs…they can settle down very quickly 

  • Goldendoodles are kinda know as the “class clown” a bit more energy and settle down harder

  • Labradoodles slightly stronger and gentle

  • Goldendoodles have unflagging happiness which can often make them unruly life of the party

  • Labradoodles are less exciteable

  • Goldendoodles are easily excitable

  • Labradoodles have shorter wavy curls, less maintenance, straighter ears and around mouth, curly body

  • Goldendoodles have longer coat, curly ears and around the face, a bit more daily maintenance and grooms

When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies are available at eight weeks. Puppies can be delivered to a couple different drop-off sites, or can be shipped by air freight without any trouble. Special arrangements are made for live animals at the airport and this is a viable option for families who live far away.

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