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Not Just an Ordinary Breeder

We like to call ourselves "Puppy Specialists." We are licensed, commercial, reputable breeders with the state of Minnesota. Puppies Up North has been chosen by 24 colleagues to sit on the Advisory Board for “Breeders of Excellence." Pamela regularly attends their quarterly meetings in Minneapolis to discuss the program, animal safety requirements, and facility safety.


Our Minnesota Board of Animal Health inspections ARE flawless. Our Inspector and Veterinarian have deemed us “a great place for dogs and puppies” because of the love, care, and commitment we have to these beautiful animals.




How are they raised?

Our working farm of 100 acres is a great place to raise our Mamas and Papas, and of course our puppies because there is so much run room for each of them.  We have lush grass, big fields, wooded areas with pine and oak trees, and a small pond all of which the dogs and puppies love.

We spend 100% of our time with the pups and making sure they have a comfortable, loving, and fun environment. Our mothers have such large litters, in large part due to the fact that they have such relaxed pregnancies. Stressed dogs tend to have smaller litters.

They have great sunlight, large windows, and long runs to exercise indoors and outdoors. We enjoy letting them run and explore the outdoors. They are socialized and learn to come when called.

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