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About Mini Golden Cockerdoodles - Go back to the "Available Puppies" tab to see current puppies!!

Hypoallergenic and Non-Shedding

The GoldenCockerDoodle are also know as the Comfort Retriever, Miniature Retriever or Goldie.  Our GoldenCockerDoodles are  intelligent enough to carry out complex tasks. They are a fiercely loyal family dog that will find ultimate happiness simply by being near the ones they loves.

Golden Cocker doodles have no problem indicating their feelings through the characteristic smile that makes them so endearing. Like the Golden Retriever, they hardly ever bark. While GoldenCockerDoodles love to play, they are best equipped for hanging out indoors, with a very cuddly demeanor. Fortunately, their compact size makes it a whole lot easier for owners to accommodate this need.

10 Fun Facts about Golden Cockerdoodles:

  1. Consistently are ranking really high among friendlies dogs

  2. Golden cockerdoodles make great family pets - very happy dogs

  3. Because they are three hunting dogs mixed, Golden cockerdoodles make great small bird dogs

  4. Golden cocker doodles are simply gorgeous!  Their lustrous coat in all shades of gold, is a sight to behold...(see above)

  5. They are natural athletes - they are desirable small bird hunting dogs and great hunting companions

  6. They have a long life span - 12-14 years

  7. Golden cockerdoodles love, love to swim - one clients says she has to spell the word "B-O-A-T" because her dog will run to the dock if she happens to say the actual word

  8. Golden cockerdoodles are easy to train - they will mimic the family...with ready to go, or ready to cuddle down

  9. They make great therapy and service dogs - early training will help in bringing these dogs to hospitals and nursing homes.

  10. They make good search and rescue dogs - their smarts are outstanding


Their size also makes them a great dog for kids, especially when you consider the hybrid carries a Goldie’s famous gentle disposition.

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