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cavadoodle puppy

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Hypoallergenic and Non-Shedding

The Cavadoodle, also known as the Cavapoo, is a cross breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle. They are renowned for being friendly, sociable, and family pets. Anyone who has owned this adorable mix knows how gentle and loving these little guys can be. They make brilliant family pets, their gentle nature suits children of all ages. 

Checking all the boxes of a perfect family pet, these guys are gentle and placid. They will curl up on the sofa, but are equally as happy to go for long fun walks. Their intelligence makes them highly trainable; a general good all-rounder. 

10 Fun Facts about Cavadoodles

  1. Known for their descriptive coat - Cavadoodles  are known for their adorable coats. They come in different colors and types as well. Cavadoodles coats can be white, black, or tri-colored. The coats can also either be flat and straight or wavy. 

  2. Easy to train - You’d be glad to know that Cavadoodles are actually quite easy to train.  This ease in training is due largely to the temperament of most Cavadoodles, which is obviously hereditary.

  3. Super good-natured dogs - Cavadoodles are known to be good dogs for families. They are great around children, and they are also great pets to grow up around. Cavadoodles  are extremely friendly animals,and love to keep up with active children as well. Basically, they’re fun dogs to have around.

  4. Exercise needs? - They Cavadoodles love love to go on walks...they make great companions for those walks in the park

  5. Not a good watchdog - They are extremely friendly, they are even friendly to strangers.  

  6. Any health issues?  - It is extremely important to get a dog from a reputable breeder, because the healthy of your puppy is largely dependent on the health of its parents.  

  7. Minimal Grooming - These dogs tend to be non-shedding dogs just because of their mix. However, you need to brush your Cavadoodle at least once a week

  8. Indoor Small Space Pets - Cavadoodles are the best dogs for small living spaces such as apartments and condos. 

  9. Attached to's owner - Just know that if you have a Cavadoodle, you should expect it to get attached to you fairly quickly.

  10. Life expectancy - The good news is Cavapoo dogs can live for a long time. Their average life expectancy is anywhere from 10 to 14 years, but many Cavapoos have been known to live for up to 20 years. All it takes is some extra love and care, a proper diet, and enough exercise, and your dog should see a longer lifetime than average.


The Cavadoodle was bred to be a family or companion dog; boasting a relatively low shedding coat – much more suitable for those with allergies.  These adorable balls of fluff come in a range of colors including gold, black, white, Blenheim, and even tri-colored. With it being a hybrid, it’s not always clear whether you will end up with a wavy or curly coat.


Here at Puppies Up North, we expect our Cavadoodles to be approximately 15-20 lbs fully grown as an adult. The colors we typically produce are red&white, reds and a few times we get tri-colored.

One thing is for sure, these small bears will melt your heart.  The Cavadoodle is a dependable addition to any family helping them build stronger bonds.  They will be gentle and loving with babies, yet energetic and interesting with teenagers. They have kept that spirited happiness of the poodle! The adaptability of these pooches means they suit most home environments.  Most Cavadoodle are sociable with other dogs and are happy to cohabit with other animals.  They really are an adaptable, laid back dog and will fit in with your lifestyle.


The Cavadoodle is highly trainable, the whole family can get involved. To have well-rounded, stable dog, early socialization is vital. This means introducing them to everything the world has to offer, in a safe environment. Your pup needs to meet different people; children and adults. 


Puppies Up North brings all puppies through a 100 point socialization test so that all of our puppies are adaptable with your family and home.  They are often described as a fuzzy faced teddy bear. Their adorable appearance melts everyone’s heart.  You will be proud to own one of these puppies!!

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